First Name: Silvery
Surname: Slash
Middle Name: S
Age: Ageless
Looks: Asian
Occupation: Earthbound Observer
Ancestry: Plutonian
Earthly Ancestry: Vietnamese
Hobbies: Overlord Classes, AMV Making, Drawing, Youtube-ing.
Links to Other Sites: http://youtube.com/user/SilveryNekoChan


Hello, earthlings! Let me first reassure you that I am NOT taking over the world, yet. Once I finish my "Future Overlords" and "Planetary Domination 101" classes and get permission from my home government I'll start my planning. But don't worry, I won't kill you, only dominate your planet in the name of Pluto!!

However, while I finish my classes, I need SOMETHING to do! So, I'm writing to all of you lovely earthlings! Why, you ask? Well, simply because I'm bored! I also need your brains small intestines gallbladders social interaction for my Future Overlords class.

Now, if you really wanna get inside my mechanical brain and see what I'm like, hop on over to my youtube! All my best work is there! You can also catch me on MSN from time to time, but to get that, you've gotta ask...and I've gotta say yes. Future Overlords Rule #69 Don't give out personal contact information to Earthlings.

I'll be posting more stuff later. As in, in a few minutes.


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